Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Human Rights Matter. Stand Up and Fight Back!

Sami El Haj was arrested in December 2001 by the U.S government, and thrown into Guantanamo Bay. If you are not familiar with his story, I beg of you to read this article, in which he speaks about his experiences in Guantanamo Bay. Please, take the time to read the article and really listen.

This is a form of murder, an unimaginable crime, and a severe violation and defiance of human rights. This cannot be allowed to happen anymore. Although Sami is now free, he is still imprisoned in many ways, mentally. The horrific tortures he endured for seven years are not easily forgotten. He now asks that anyone who is against Guantanamo Bay makes their voice heard. Stand up and tell the American Government that it's not okay, and fight it.

If you want to do something for someone who is still not free, read this article about Omar Khadr. Omar was taken into custody in 2002, when he was just 15. He is still in Guantanamo Bay, withstanding the torture of American military personnel. You are able to send a message of support to Omar's family, and are able to write him a letter. You are able to write to American and Canadian authorities, demanding justice. More details on how to take action are included in the article.

Please, take the time to stand up for human rights. Take the time to help someone who thinks the world had stopped caring. Take the time to let corrupt government superpowers know that you refuse to sit still.

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