Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eddie Vedder is an Epic Human Being

Watch that, and tell me that's not just the best thing ever. Almost. I mean, that is...I'm SPEECHLESS! 1:26 is the best psycho singing mannerism I've ever seen.

Time to begin a Pearl Jam collection.


illy-doll said...

Eddie Vedder is freaking awesome... and that is most definitely an understatement.

I adore Pearl Jam. I have two of their releases: Ten and Vs. You should sooooo start a collection.

But in saying all that, Chris Cornell is way better. I've been listening to alot more Soundgarden lately... and I'm going to start tracking down more albums.

LeArmoire said...

Oh maaaaaaannnnn.
Eddie Vedder IS freaking awesome. YES!

Ten is BRILLIANT. Every song on that album=masterpiece. I am definitely starting a collection. Daughter=genius song.

I am SO GLAD you've been listening to more Soundgarden! That band is my all time favorite. Also, I may have told you this before, but Chris Cornell's solo album Euphoria Morning is the best thing EVER. That album is life changing. GET IT!

As for Soundgarden albums, my personal favorite is Down On The Upside. It's the most experimental SG album, and Chris's voice is amazing.


Cinnamon said...

I "heart" Eddie Vedder! I remember in Jr High when Pearl Jam came out, freaking awesome!

Kammie Sumpter said...

I agree with this in the very depths of my heart. Eddie Vedder can make some beautiful music. Not only was he awesome in Pearl Jam, but I find myself more drawn to his individual stuff, like the soundtrack for Into The Wild. However, I'd have to say that my favorite song is Just Breathe or The End, by Pearl Jam. Lovin it.

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