Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mary E. Robbins Designs

I recently ran across a website that greatly captured my interest.

It tells of the art, travels, and life of a woman named Mary and her family.

Mary runs a shop called MothDesigns, on Etsy. She sells incredible T Shirts, featuring arabic words or sayings, and handbags and purses that tell stories of Moroccan women and girls she knows. One example of her work is the Chaimae shoulder bag, which tells the following story:

"chaimae is my sister-in-law. she is 10 years old. 3 years ago, when i was last living in morocco, she was avidly exploring the early realization of her femininity--strutting around in her mother’s worn pumps, slinging her pocketbooks over her shoulder. when i visited her earlier this year, i saw a new reserve in her eyes--her hair grown long, her book bag grown heavy. i imagine this bag on her shoulder--all her very own--after practicing for a few years with her mother's."

The Chaimae Shoulder Bag

Mary's website offers a unique view of a world that is seemingly, somehow, unexplored. Her art is a reflection of an attempt to bring people together, and to educate the world about our brothers and sisters in the Middle East/Northern Africa. This fascinating blog is definitely worth reading on a daily basis. Also, please visit her Etsy shop at:

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