Monday, May 12, 2008


Is it just me or are people completely inverted lately?

I mean, honestly, everyone is in a mad dash to have 2 cars in your garage and a nice house, and live in absolute suburban paradise. Doesn't matter if you loathe your job, or if your family never sees you. Or if everything at home is in the crapper. Why is it so important to have all this stuff? You know, stuff that sits around your house, the kind of house that looks like no one is living in it. Pristine galleries of breath taking interior decorating skills, gorgeous art gracing your walls, all kept immaculately clean by a nameless maid.

If that's life, then it's not worth living.


[[hayley-shmaley]] said...

consumerism makes people feel good.
it's like...
a drug.

numb the pain,
buy STUFF.

Dijea said...

It is the American Way. And although I have two cars and a house. The house needs a lot of work and we barely fit. We aren't getting anything else either.

I live for my passions. My husband too. My kids, they live to drive us crazy.